Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zionist Propaganda At Work

Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran

"Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline.
The first has been sent in response to Israeli fears that ballistic missiles developed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, a political and military organisation in Lebanon, could hit sites in Israel, including air bases and missile launchers.
The submarines of Flotilla 7 — Dolphin, Tekuma and Leviathan — have visited the Gulf before. But the decision has now been taken to ensure a permanent presence of at least one of the vessels.
The flotilla’s commander, identified only as “Colonel O”, told an Israeli newspaper: “We are an underwater assault force. We’re operating deep and far, very far, from our borders.”
Each of the submarines has a crew of 35 to 50, commanded by a colonel capable of launching a nuclear cruise missile."

"The submarines could be used if Iran continues its programme to produce a nuclear bomb."

Just like that deliberate and disgraceful "wiped off the map" bogus translation, zionist propaganda relies on steadily repeating lies as if they were a priori truths. No matter how many times they're exposed and refuted the lies continue to be sprinkled into stories and blandly stated in media as if they were common knowledge.
Notice how the only person in the story to call it Persian Gulf is an Iranian, otherwise the Times would just continue to call it "the Gulf".


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