Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jeebus Is My Cellmate

America's First All-Christian Prison

"Corrections Concepts Inc.'s effort to establish America's first all-Christian prison in Oklahoma has hit some roadblocks, but it is still continuing to move down the pike.
The last time there was this much excitement in and around Wakita, Oklahoma, was when a tornado nearly destroyed the town. Fortunately, that was in the blockbuster movie Twister. Now, another less ephemeral twister could shake up the town; a proposal from the Dallas, Texas-based Corrections Concepts Inc., to have this sleepy town some 40 miles from the Kansas border become the home to America's first all-Christian prison.
And while the proposal might still be a pipedream for Bill Robinson, the founder of Corrections Concepts Inc., it appears to be inching ever closer to reality.
Robinson recently told the Tulsa (Oklahoma) World that a bonding company had expressed interest in his project -- a private prison administered by Christian officials, attended to by Christian guards, adhering to Christian programming and stocked with Christian prisoners -- and that full funding for it depended upon states agreeing to send 285 prisoners to the facility."


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