Friday, May 28, 2010

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NOAA hurricane forecast alarming

"WASHINGTON — The hurricane forecast this year is the most ominous the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has ever issued — "an active to extremely active" season:
• 14 to 23 storms big enough to be named.
• Eight to 14 hurricanes — storms with winds of 74 mph or greater.
• Three to seven major hurricanes — those with winds exceeding 111 mph.
That is the most named storms
NOAA has forecast since it began issuing the outlook in 1998. Only 2005 had more actual named storms: 28, including 15 hurricanes. One of them was Katrina."

I'm sure this will be big news over the next few days.
Most people have bought the soothing pablum concerning the catastrophe in the Caribbean, where the suits get in front of the cameras and look all solemn and proclaim this and that. Not to worry sheep, go back to watching Idol, we're in charge. Operation Top Shelf will do the trick, if not then Junk Hat will certainly work, or maybe Shot Kill or Big Dome or something.
Truth is, the gulf oil volcano is an extinction level event that our psycho Masters of the Universe have downplayed so egregiously that you have to wonder just what dark secrets they have hanging in the closet.
Whatever precipitated this end times disaster, be it greed, incompetence, deliberate population reduction or North Korean submarines, we're about to come face to face with a real life EOTWAWKI.

The poisonous chemicals exploding into gulf waters have already made people sick, and there are reports that oil has been lifted into the atmosphere and came down as precipitation. As it slowly dawns on Foxified mouthbreathers just how deadly the situation actually is, rest assured the suits quite understand the gravity of the disaster and have been making big plans, despite the happy talk and slight tut tutting about loss of tourism.

Here's what's going to happen as I see it.

There's a very real possibility that a storm the size of a hurricane will drag the ocean of submerged poison to the surface and combine it with furious wind and sea spray. This scenario has the potential of effectively killing most life along the Gulf Coast wherever the storm tracks, yet a good majority of numbnuts will still be too preoccupied with Dancing with the Stars and Lindsay Lohan to care much when the first one hits, especially those some miles inland. Because after all the propaganda and failure of the media to report the truth, and because something like this has never happened before, what do you want on your pizza?

The resulting disaster will stun the world.

It won't be the same after that. It's very possible that depending on where the next hurricane hits, whether it's a natural path or steered around by HAARP of the Kali Yuga, millions or probably tens of millions will flee for their lives after being scared to death by what happened the first time around. Hard to say if the thousands of square miles will ever be habitable again in our lifetimes, or will grow even a blade of grass, but it's a given that the chaotic exodus will be a monstrous calamity, with a wee chance it was foreseen in advance by our Keepers and Masters.

With all the potential shitstorms out there now we'd be beyond stupid not to prepare the best we can for survival, but gulf residents better have Plans A, B and C mapped out, preferably situated somewhere north of the 35th parallel.


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