Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Lose-Lose Situation For The Murderous Gaza Siege

Israel to stop Gaza aid ships

"Israel says it will prevent, if necessary by force, a nine-ship flotilla of peace activists and humanitarian aid from reaching the Gaza Strip.
The Freedom Flotilla, is carrying around 700 pro-Palestinian activists from various countries, as well as 10,000 tonnes of aid.
It is by far the largest fleet of aid to try to reach Gaza since Israel imposed its siege on the coastal territory in 2007.
In accordance with the directions of the Israeli government, the Israel Defence Forces and the Israeli Navy are preparing to prevent the flotilla from reaching the Gaza shore," a military source said on Thursday."

This is a serious dilemma for the ziofascists. They absolutely cannot allow the ships to dock at the Gaza port because that would mean their blockade and siege of the Gaza strip is porous and will encourage more attempts to deliver aid to the Palestinians. Way too much a threat of a good example.
But any act of piracy and force will certainly be recorded for everyone to understand the brutal nature of the zionist regime in their enslavement of one and a half million people.

But as usual for the Israeli psychopaths, it's all about them, at least according to their frantic attempts at PR.
Some last minute attempt at sideshow theatrics in blunting the purpose of the flotilla failed. An Israeli soldier has been held by Hamas for several years and his family offered to "mediate with the Israeli government" for docking rights if the incoming activists pressured Hamas about his confinement. Funny how the media makes sure we know his name and everything about this one IDF soldier, and usually says zero about the over 7000 Palestinians locked away in Israeli prisons.

After weeks of sobbing how the aid convoy was a "provocation and breach of Israeli law", yesterday the fascists finally allowed what they were going to do. They are going to board and forcibly arrest all involved and jail them at Ashdod in Israel.
But this is going to expose the raw truth about Israeli efforts to keep the Palestinians in abject misery, so the propaganda machine goes into high gear. The IDF will embed their own journalists aboard their navy ships to flood the media with sympathetic news reports. We're told there was no reason to bring aid by sea; Gaza is stable and secure. It's an "armada", not an aid convoy. "Netanyahu spokesman: They're the opposite of human rights activists". Besides, all the thousands of tons of supplies aren't needed because the kindly Israelis allow aid convoys with the same stuff by land. What are you talking about - 'Shops all over Gaza are bursting with goods'. Women soldiers all dressed in white may "give the activists letters" addressed to that single Israeli soldier mentioned above, "a collection of rockets that had been fired at the Sderot area from Gaza (may) be put on display at Ashdod Port for the activists and foreign media to see."
Pay no attention to those fat and malcontent Palestinians, dammit, just pay attention to our grandstanding pity ploys.

Underscoring the seriousness of the situation is the nature of the incoming convoy. There are activists and officials from some fifty countries among the seven to eight hundred participants, meaning a truly universal disgust about Gaza's manufactured misery. The biggest danger to Israel and their four year hideous onslaught on Gaza is the presense of Turkish ships and citizens. Turkey is a member of NATO, any attack on on NATO members is an attack on the entire organization. Since Israel has no rights whatsoever in enforcing an arbitrary embargo on Gaza's territorial waters, every action they take against the convoy is illegal piracy.


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