Friday, January 29, 2010

What Do Cops Do When A Person Is On Fire?

Pepper spray him

"PORTLAND, Ore. -- A police officer accidentally used pepper spray instead of a fire extinguisher on a man who set himself on fire Wednesday in downtown Portland, police said.
The officer happened to be nearby when she saw the man go up in flames near Southwest 12th Avenue and Yamhill Street. She scrambled out of her patrol car and grabbed what she believed to be the extinguisher, according to Police Chief Rosie Sizer.
It wasn't until after the incident that the officer realized she grabbed a large pepper spray canister used for crowd control, Sizer said."

If ever there was a facepalm moment. How are these people trained, anyway? The cops are claiming the pepper spray she used was is water based, but as the stories below tell it, it's possible this idiot might as well have squirted charcoal starter.

Fire is a Possibility When Using Alcohol-Based Pepper Spray With Tasers

Man's hair catches fire after being sprayed and tased

Is Your “Non-Flammable” Pepper Spray Really Non-Flammable?

"Using a forensics dummy wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the CRT Consulting test team applied a 10 second cycle from a M26 TASER, while spraying the manequin with a 2-3 second burst of O.C. Of the 48 formulations tested, 12 were marked as “non flammable,” or “EDW Tested and Safe.” Of those 12, eight resulted in flames and ignition of the clothing, including the can marked “EDW Tested and Safe.”


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