Thursday, January 28, 2010

15 Minutes Of Fame May Be Up

Sarah Palin's Tea Party Dinner Disaster

"Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips likely assumed that scoring a dinner speech by the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate would guarantee a huge turnout for his National Tea Party Convention, scheduled to start Feb. 4 at Nashville's Gaylord Opryland Hotel. But according to Tea Party insiders, the tickets for the Palin banquet aren't selling—and some conservative activists who have already paid to attend are now demanding refunds. With the controversial event shaping up to be a potential flop, some Tea Partiers are urging Palin to cancel her speech to avoid a humiliating public relations disaster.

The problems began after news broke that Phillips intended to profit from the convention—which costs $549 a person for access to both the conference and Palin’s banquet, or $349 for a ticket to the dinner alone. With one prominent conservative blogger charging that the event seemed "scammy," several key sponsors yanked their support, including the National Precinct Alliance, the American Liberty Alliance, American Majority, and the Federation for American Immigration Reform. As the rash of bad press continued, this week Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), announced that she’s considering pulling out as a convention speaker. And some Tea Party activists think Palin should join her. According to internal convention planning documents obtained by Mother Jones, Palin will be paid $115,000 to address the attendees—as they dine on steak or lobster. To some Tea Partiers, this lavish affair sounds suspiciously like an exclusive GOP fundraiser and a betrayal of their grassroots movement."

"She says that Phillips has been urged to give away remaining tickets to Palin’s speech to head off the embarrassment of having the former vice presidential candidate speaking to a half-empty room."


Blogger Irish4Palestine said...

My prayer-please let Palin and these psycopaths vanish before they ruin America for good. I have never been so worried for the US and the entire world as I am today. It's one thing for nutters to destroy their own country, but unfortunately America will take the rest of us with it to hell in that handbasket.

frightening for us neutral countries

29/1/10 1:31 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

The thing about them is, Irish, they're imposed from the top down. Those tea parties are astroturf, not grass roots - it's all bullshit. There is no spontaneous, bottom up movement here except rag tag groups opposed to a hundred things united by loudmouth media blowhards.

The shady organizers and leaders spend all their time trying to convince people otherwise. So these tea party bozos are participating in a giant government-led psyop to derail real opposition to the one party war machine.

I'm worried to the point of sleeplessness about this country. This is pure fascism now. To be honest, they own it all and can't be stopped until they're made to stop somehow. The best thing to hope for is total economic collapse which will mitigate their power to fuck up the world any more than they have.

29/1/10 4:57 AM  

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