Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nouveau Colonialism

Now that the US backed coup in Honduras is complete, the empire scored two new outposts that will be used in the future against ALBA, or the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America. The other, of course, being the occupation of Haiti. You can also lump in the Southern Command's FOLs (Forward Operating Locations) on the Dutch islands off the Venezuelan coast into the mix and it's been a pretty good stretch for the fascists, and you just know they're not done yet.

Empire disdains the old way of doing things, so twentieth century. The new way is filled with PR as a giant fig leaf to cover their real intentions. In Honduras rich, right wing rancher Porfirio Lobo was sworn in as the replacement for Manuel Zelaya who was removed from office last summer, after a phony election in November which saw two thirds of registered voters boycotting the scam. Zelaya had hinted at straying from following Washington's dictates, so out he went. Immediately the coup plotters went quietly about the business of returning Honduras to the empire's preferred status of dictator-run-banana-republic, with death squads and state terror. With their boy Lobo in power, the fascists' drug operations out of the Palmerola air base are secure once again, because ousted Zelaya had threatened to turn the base into a civilian airport with, gasp, Venezuelan money.

By any logical definition the immediate takeover of Haiti by the US military is an invasion and occupation, but it's called a "humanitarian relief operation". Isn't it a strikingly odd coincidence that empire always picks the most impoverished nations take over? No, I take that back, it's not odd at all. It's sort of like cops that are out fishing on the highway always stopping blacks and latinos and old beaters - easier marks and less trouble. The two poorest countries in the western hemisphere? Haiti is number one and Honduras is number two.

The earthquake's damage is the justification for sending in the marines, but have you ever seen such a massive military response to a disaster? Up to this point 20,000 military personnel. The whole thing reeks, actually. Too many important questions not to think the quake was a conveniently manufactured event as cover for the takeover. Why wasn't an earthquake this strong felt over a wider area? Not a tremor in the Dominican Republic - the other half of the island. Why no tsunami? And how convenient was it that SOUtHCOM just happened to be holding an exercise in Miami at the same time~ about a disaster in Haiti ~ and just decided to go live with it? Deputy Southern Command General PK Keen was even in Haiti when the quake struck, what timing!

A little bird tells me that occupation is going to last quite a while, just like the site World Oil tells me that lo and behold, Haiti could have larger oil reserves than Venezuela.


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