Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They Just Keep Flogging This Crap

Report says Al-Qaeda still aims to use weapons of mass destruction against U.S.

"When al-Qaeda's No. 2 leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, called off a planned chemical attack on New York's subway system in 2003, he offered a chilling explanation: The plot to unleash poison gas on New Yorkers was being dropped for "something better," Zawahiri said in a message intercepted by U.S. eavesdroppers.
The meaning of Zawahiri's cryptic threat remains unclear more than six years later, but a new report warns that al-Qaeda has not abandoned its goal of attacking the United States with a chemical, biological or even nuclear weapon."
Apparently they believe enough dullards actually buy this garbage, or they're just following orders like good media whores, or they simply live in a bubble and need to churn this stuff out every now and then. Sort of like "man bites dog" staple.
"Al Qaeda" has always been a CIA front. Sure, it exists, but not how we're lied to about it.
It's a small group of spooks pulling off false flag attacks and directing patsies to pose as this big bad, omnipresent threat that serves as the excuse for endless war abroad and a police state at home.

Top CIA officials admit AQ doesn't exist.
Mossad likes to pose as AQ.
Pravda says AQ doesn't exist.
Brit special forces like to pose as AQ.
London police commissioner says AQ doesn't exist.
BBC says AQ doesn't exist.

Remember the long deceased Emmanuel Goldstein and his super duper Fortress Of Solitude? It's utterly laughable.



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