Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shot But Not Shot

The blurring of torture, lethal and non lethal continues.

"Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has approved the use and sale of a new weapon that simulates a feeling of being shot in those targeted. The cannon called "the Thunder Generator" has been produced by the Netanya-based technology development advisory firm, ArmyTec company, and is capable of creating shockwaves that pass through people. The feeling of "being hit" produced by the stun gun is said to be similar to that of standing in front of a firing squad.
The weapon uses a mixture of liquefied petroleum, cooking gas and air which traveling through the cannon barrel detonates and intensifies until it exits. The process generates a succession of 60 to 100 high-velocity shock bursts per minute, each traveling at about 2,000 meters per second and lasting up to 300 milliseconds, according to a report by Defense News website, citing company data. "That's more than enough for hours of continuous operation," said ArmyTec President Shlomo Tabak, a former Israeli military special operations officer, describing the new device as "controlled and safe." Experts, however, say the Thunder Generator could be lethal or inflict permanent damage if fired at less than 10 meters."


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