Sunday, January 24, 2010

East Berlin In Massachusetts

Death By Checkpoint

"Kenneth Howe of Worcester, Massachusetts was beaten to death by police last November 25. This is the official conclusion by the Essex County Medical Examiner, who ruled that the official cause of death was “blunt impact of the head and torso with compression of the chest.”
It is profoundly doubtful that the killing of the 45-year-old Howe–
carried out by a swarm of 10-20 tax-feeders at a “sobriety checkpoint” — will be prosecuted as a criminal offense of any kind, let alone murder.
“The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner uses the term homicide to mean a death at the hands of another,” explained the M.E.’s attorney, Jacqueline Faherty. “A medical examiner does not offer an opinion regarding criminal wrongdoing or civil liability.”
In keeping with routine procedure in any case involving the death of a helpless Mundane at the hands of the Bullies in Blue, the Medical Examiner eagerly described the victim’s cardiovascular disease as a “contributory factor” in the death.
Curiously, “contributory factors” of that kind aren’t taken into account when someone is fatally beaten or otherwise subjected to lethal violence by a gang of bullies not carrying the insignia of state “authority.”
Often, when someone dies at the hands of an assailant or assailants whose violence is sanctified by the state, we are supposed to believe that the victim wasn’t killed by the police —
he just happened to die in their custody.
Thus victims of lethal Taser strikes succumbed to “excited delirium,” rather than being murdered by electro-shock torture. The assailants similarly seek to exculpate themselves when an innocent person suffering from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, or other medical problems is beaten or suffocated to death by a police mob.
By way of contrast, when violent deaths of that kind are inflicted by commonplace criminals, the victim’s health problems — if they are mentioned at all — are taken as evidence of the exceptional viciousness of the crime.
The tacit assumption here is that police are entitled to kill anyone at any time who displays anything other than immediate, complete, unconditional submission."

The fascist mentality that was fostered after 9/11 was put into place where people traveled - roadblocks, airports, to condition the proles to meekly accept being pushed around. It was a conscious decision in giving free rein to goons and thugs to harass, humiliate and bully people just going about their business because they want to condition the populace to accept loss of freedom and dignity.
In the vast majority of instances like this the only thing victims are guilty of is refusing to immediately capitulate to being a groveling supplicant when faced with swaggering trash.


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