Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Crisis Of Faith

One of the best sites I visit often is WhatReallyHappened hosted by Michael Rivero who lives in Hawaii. Lately, over the past couple of years, he's been passionate about the climate scam our overbearing overlords have been up to. There's no doubt earth's climate is changing, actually the entire solar system is going through a metamorphasis and vibrational energy is increasing everywhere, so you could say we're going through climate chaos. But claiming that what we're seeing is due to human activity and then trying to fool us into doing their bidding is an intense issue for Mr. Rivero, as it is for me.
This is his comment that he posted today after one of his links about this topic:

"Remember when this was supposed to be about science?
Now it's war on the heretics!
I understand why.
Never before in the history of modern civilization has a conspiracy by government, academia, and media, to mislead the public on such a huge scale been so undeniably obvious to all.
The global warming cultists are going to fight this down to the very last man, because what they are fighting for is not the global warming agenda, and not even for the carbon tax and global government; but for the credibility of the government/academia/media complex.
Government, lacking the military resources to enslave the population by force, operates like a religion, dependent on the unquestioning faith of the masses to lure them into doing as they are told, believing as they are told, and to continue pouring offerings in the form of taxes into those collection plates.
Climategate represents the first real threat to the culture of blind faith on which the government relies. The congregation is on the verge of a crisis of faith, one which is allowed to progress threatens the blind faith in all the interlinked institutions of the fraud.
Without that blind faith, that willingness in the people to do as they are told, believe as they are told, and to continue pouring offerings in the form of taxes into those collection plates, the government cannot continue to function.
Hence, in a desperate effort to "revive the faith", we get Osama bin Laden recruited to revive the global warming scam under the theory that if you oppose the revealed dogma of Saint Al of the Gore you must be in league with the terrorists. Now we have the US military, the only military in the world to actually USE a nuclear weapon of mass destruction on another country, announcing that they too are worried about global warming. You don;t want to tell the guys with the machine guns they are fools or liars, do you?
And now Ed Miliband steps in and perhaps inadvertently reveals that the debate about Anthropocentric Global Warming is no longer about the science, indeed may never have been, but is simply a war waged on us all by dictators intent on proving they can control what the rest of the world thinks."

Jeebus but I resonate with this sentiment.
The fascists simply have to have us take on faith that everything they say and do is of unimpeachable veracity. They have been lying to us for so long that the stagnant cesspool they've created is overwhelmingly poisonous and the activities of these psychopaths have become stunningly reptilian and murderous. They absolutely have to have us dismiss what our own eyes see and what we feel and think for ourselves. They absolutely have to have us believe what they tell us instead.

The entire structure of our now terminally sick and totally unsustainable society is based on this blind faith. Take money. How is it that the paper greenback is still used as a means of transaction when it's value is less than worthless to the tune of dozens, if not hundreds of trillions of dollars?
Take 9/11. Absolutely everything the scumbags have done since that transparently fraudulent stage play is based on their ability to fool us into believing their lies. The mutual compact of a sane society was defenestrated a long time ago and the entire fabric of our existence now depends on the one way street of belief in these posturing criminal liars.

Machiavellian psychos are always several moves ahead of us in this chess game because they have to be. The most iomportant thing for them, to be able to get away with their perfidy, is to keep us believing their web of deceit so they're constantly thinking ahead about how to manipulate us successfully. Public relations and facades to hide true agendas positively consume them to the exclusion of all else, because once our doubt enters into the equation it will spread like cancer and destroy their whole rotten, fascist scam.

That's why 9/11 is treated as unimpeachable mythology.
That's why Pat Tillman was eliminated.
That's why government and religion are now one and the same.
That's why they prefer secrecy.
That's why money is sacred and our lives are being destroyed.
That's why climatescam is so very, very crucial to them.
That's the reason fear is their most important weapon.


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