Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chavez Was Right

Chavez Says U.S., Colombia Have Made ‘Pact for War’

Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border

"Colombia has announced it will build a new military base near its border with Venezuela, in a move likely to further strain its tense ties with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Defense Minister Gabriel Silva said Friday that the base, located on the Guajira peninsula near the city of Nazaret, would have up to 1,000 troops. Two air battalions would also be activated at other border areas.
"It is a strategic point from a defense point of view," Silva said.
The 1.5-million-dollar facility, paid for with Colombian tax funds, would also have a care facility for indigenous Wayuu people who live in the area, he added."

Well, that last statement destroys all credibility from the Columbian defense minister. I wondered about the relationship between the fascist narco government of Alvaro Uribe and the Wayuu, and I found out the situation has been far from amiable.

Wayuu Indians go to war against Colombian government 5/2004

"A group of Indians has declared war against the government in Bogotá, according to spokesmen of a Wayuu indigenous community of the peninsula of La Guajira in northern Colombia.
During the last three years the community has suffered attacks and assassinations at the hands of paramilitary groups supported by troops of the Colombian Army's Second Brigade, based in the city of Barranquilla. The persecution culminated on April 18 this year with the sack of the village of Bahía de Portete, and a massacre where a dozen people were murdered.
According to Amnesty International, the paramilitaries arrived at the village, where they interrogated a number of children on the whereabouts of their parents, killing some of them on the suspicion that they were lying. According to the reports, the paramilitaries also tortured some of the adults that they killed. More than 300 Wayuu (photo) were able to flee across the border to Venezuela, walking for more than 24 hours."

"We want President Uribe, who gives so much help to the paramilitaries, to know that we still exist, that we are human beings even if he doesn't like it, and that we will make him respect our rights, even if hundreds or thousands of the Wayuu have to die for it", declared Juchi."

My view is that far from being a thatched hut, minimally funded outpost along the Columbian/Venezuela border, this will be a state of the art reconnaissance base and forward operating staging area capable of supporting military action into Venezuela. The Columbian government announced this with their spin to preempt any discussion that it was being done surreptitiously. You can bet the farm american tax money is going to pour into this aggressive project. And their faux concern for the native people is total bullshit.

added - US Military Agression against Venezuela escalating - excellent overview of empire's threats to the region.

h/t to Frank


Blogger Frank Hope said...

There was an excellent article on this here.

US Military Agression against Venezuela escalating

This article is from the very informative blog "Postcards from the Revolution" by Eva Golinger - the author of The Chavez Code.

21/12/09 8:55 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thanks very much for the Golinger link, Frank. Best overview so far and she'll be a voice to pay attention to.

22/12/09 4:59 AM  

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