Monday, November 30, 2009

Drug Lords Add More Muscle To Protect Their Operation

Obama orders 30-35,000 more troops for Afghanistan, surge to begin by Christmas

"After months of debate, President Barack Obama will spell out a costly Afghanistan war expansion to a skeptical public Tuesday night, coupling an infusion of as many as 35,000 more troops with a vow that there will be no endless U.S. commitment. His first orders have already been made: at least one group of Marines who will be in place by Christmas."

This is such patently obvious bullshit now that one wonders who the hell they think they're fooling?

Now it's an "infusion", not a "surge". Can we get jobs as their crap artists? There was no debate, it was a foregone conclusion a long time ago that the fascists would protect their immensely profitable heroin operation no matter what - no matter how many Afghans were snuffed and no matter how many american soldiers' lives were destroyed. Truly, are people this fucking stupid that they'll get away with this? Apparently so.

Opium production was virtually erased in Afghanistan by the Taliban. After the empire muscled it's way into the country by pretending to find the 9/11 perps, instead of looking in the mirror to locate them, record poppy harvests commenced year after year. Funny thing that, no? US stooge Karzai's brother is a top drug kingpin, ain't that strange? The US pays the Taliban to leave the big scam alone, how about that? Let me repeat. The US pays the supposed enemy that they're fighting to get the fuck out of the way so their operation can continue.

Can this all be so complicated that Foxified dullards can't grasp it? I guess. That way the propagandists can get away with telling the great unwashed this idiotic shit, as if it's a brilliantly sly tactic in the phony "drug war":

UN wants 'flood of drugs' in Afghanistan to devalue opium

Get it? You have to find a way to explain why the country is awash in opium while you're turning away and looking at the sky and whistling, so you pretend the flood of drugs is great drug policy. Jeebus, this is hallucinogenic.

Obama is going to get in front of the dead-from-the-neck-up american mouthbreathers tomorrow and lie to them that the Afghanistan war is vital to american security. This has been code, for a long time now, that what the fascists are doing are vital to their interests. When they talk about freedom they mean their freedom. Any mention of security is their security. This scumbag is about to send tens of thousands of servicepeople to Poppystan because the immense drug profits are the only thing left keeping Wall Street going and the criminals need more muscle to pull it off.



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