Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here Comes The Newest Villain Du Jour

You notice how the empire goes after the weakest, poorest, most downtrodden and backward areas of the world?
Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Somalia, Honduras? Now Myanmar Burma will get the demonizing treatment, that special recognition that always hides the empire's real agenda. Of course sharing a border with China has nothing to do with this. Neither does being a competitor in the opium trade. No, nothing at all.
This dirt poor backwater is after nooks, donchaknow.

Burma suspected of forming nuclear link with North Korea

"Hillary Clinton today expressed concern over military links between North Korea and Burma, after evidence emerged that the Burmese junta may be trying to acquire nuclear technology from Pyongyang.
Experts said there is no proof of a Burmese nuclear programme but pointed to worrying signs. The Burmese military has been doing business with a North Korean company that specialises in nuclear technology. The junta has also made suspicious purchases of sophisticated dual-use equipment. A North Korean ship suspected of heading to Burma with an unknown cargo turned back after being shadowed by American warships earlier this month. Finally, reports have emerged of a secret visit by senior Burmese officials to North Korea late last year.
"We know that there are also growing concerns about military co-operation between North Korea and Burma, which we take very seriously," Clinton, the US secretary of state, told journalists in Bangkok. "It would be destabilising for the region. It would pose a direct threat to Burma's neighbours."

What a crock of shit. The fascists seem to have settled on this nuclear threat as the go - to default fearmongering ruse to justify their worldwide rampage. With an economy approximating that of an depression era appalachian coal mining community this country of rice farmers is supposedly about to go into a mad ICBM flinging frenzy. And simply forget that Burma and North Korea were on such bad terms recently that they had no diplomatic relations for over 20 years.

And no fair pointing out that Clinton is Secretary of State of the nation directly responsible for the deaths of over a million people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia when she scolds Burma for human rights violations. No, just nod in agreement as the Washington crackheads lay groundwork to extend their perpetual war in yet another dusty corner of the earth.


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