Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time Omits Crucial Factor

Why Kurds vs. Arabs Could Be Iraq's Next Civil War

"With a projected capacity of about 40,000 bbl. a day, the new oil refinery inaugurated on July 18 by the Kurdish regional government of northern Iraq is modest even by the standards of Iraq's dilapidated oil industry. But its significance shouldn't be underestimated: in Kurdish minds, the region's ability to refine the oil it pumps is a vital step toward deepening its autonomy from the Arab-majority remainder of Iraq.
Until recently, Iraqi Kurdistan had no refineries of its own, and though the area is sitting on a huge pool of oil, it had to rely on gasoline supplies from elsewhere in Iraq, Turkey or Iran. Fearful of giving Iraq's ethnic Kurdish minority any control over the country's most precious resource, Saddam Hussein had not only declined to build refineries in the region; he made sure Iraq's oil pipelines bypassed Kurdish areas, and his army forcibly removed much of the Kurdish population from Kirkuk — the most important oil-producing area in the north — and repopulated the city with Arabs from the south."
"Ever since the U.S. invasion, the Kurds of northern Iraq have enjoyed many of the trappings of sovereignty. Kurds have their own parliament and executive government, plus an 80,000-strong army (the Pesh Merga militia) and control over their borders, which Baghdad-controlled security forces are not allowed to enter. Despite the fact that the vast majority of Kurds want independence from Iraq, their leaders have proceeded with caution, mindful of the risks. Their small, landlocked region is surrounded by neighbors — Turkey, Syria, Iran — whose own restive Kurdish minorities make them hostile to the prospect of an independent Kurdish state emerging in Iraq."

It's inevitable in MSM stories like this that Israel's hand in in the politics of the region are scarcely, if ever, mentioned. Not one word in this piece from Time mentions the long history of Israelis wooing Kurds in northern Iraq or the military partnership that developed. Israel is such an overwhelming factor in the Iraq equation, according to Mearsheimer and Walt, that aside from oil Israel's strategic future plans were the most important reason the US invaded and occupied the country.

After the invasion Israeli agents poured into Iraq, especially into Kurdistan. They began and perpetuated the sectarian violence by bombing mosques and random marketplaces. It was a strtegy of divide and conquer to keep the Sunnis and Shiite arabs at each others' throats, aided by the constant stream of bullshit from the MSM. It was a completely different story in Kurdistan though, largely unscathed by the false flag violence in the rest of the country because Israel needed their outpost in northern Iraq for their upcoming attack on Iran.

Arabs know full well who fomented hatred between muslim sects and they can plainly see how the US and Israel are tied at the hip. News reports that ignore this when they bloviate about Arab/Kurd relationships are misleading disinformation and in light of what Israel is doing in Kurdistan, blatant propaganda.


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