Monday, June 22, 2009

Peacock Throne Wants It's Country Back

Fighting tears, shah's son calls crisis a 'moment of truth'

"The moment of truth has arrived," Reza Shah Pahlavi said at Washington's National Press Club. "The people of Iran need to know who stands with them."

Slain Neda is 'one of my daughters', shah's son says

"WASHINGTON (AFP) — The son of the late shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, was Monday carrying in his breastpocket a photograph of the slain protester known as Neda said to have been killed in the Tehran protests.
"I have added her (Neda) to the list of my daughters. She is now forever in my pocket," Pahlavi told AFP fighting back tears, after calling at a press conference for Western media and governments to stand strongly alongside the protest movement in Iran."

Son of shah says protesters defeat could lead to nuclear war

"The exiled son of the late shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, warned Monday of dire consequences for the volatile Middle East and the rest of the world if the popular uprising in Iran is crushed.
The defeat of the movement protesting the outcome of presidential elections 10 days ago would not only threaten global stability but could lead to nuclear war, Pahlavi told a news conference here."

Savak, the Shah's secret police force

"The Shah's brutal secret police force, Savak, formed under the guidance of CIA (the United States Central Intelligence Agency) in 1957 and personnel trained by Mossad (Israel's secret service), to directly control all facets of political life in Iran. Its main task was to suppress opposition to the Shah's government and keep the people's political and social knowledge as minimal as possible. Savak was notorious throughout Iran for its brutal methods.
The interrogation office was established with no limit of using horrific torture tools and techniques to break the arrested dissenters to talk in a matter of hours."


Anonymous nick z said...

The Ex-Shah's family have been behind a constant campaign of propaganda in the US ever since the revolution kicked them out of Iran. I was wondering when the big liar would start to yap it up. He's quite the opportunist, I see, and knows exactly when to turn on the water-faucets.

23/6/09 7:26 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Yes, he was probably pacing the floor in impatient expectation when the planned chaos was put into place, but his handlers had him keep his trap shut for a week.

23/6/09 10:50 PM  

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