Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brit Police State To Stomp On Solstice Revelers

Big police operation planned for Stonehenge summer solstice

"A big police operation involving an unmanned drone, horses and drugs sniffer dogs will be launched at Stonehenge tomorrow as huge crowds descend on the ancient site for the summer solstice.
Because the celebrations fall over the weekend and fine weather is predicted, bigger crowds than usual are expected and Wiltshire police have said they will clamp down heavily on antisocial behaviour.
Restrictions are being placed on the amount of alcohol revellers can bring in and police have said they will not tolerate illegal drug taking or unlawful raves.
The force's no-nonsense approach, after a more relaxed feel in recent years, has raised fears that there could be clashes."

"Antisocial behavior" being anything the cops don't like so expect quite a lot of violence tomorrow from the police.


Anonymous nick z said...

It's beginning to look like the cops just want to play the bullies and start fights. But they are cowards because it is just power-abuse and they always get away with it because they are on the side of the govt. Cowardly bullies abusing power.

20/6/09 7:21 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Probably one of the job's advertised perks.

20/6/09 3:48 PM  

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