Saturday, June 20, 2009

Order Out Of Chaos

A "special" kind of order.

The 'Stolen Elections' Hoax

"There is hardly any election, in which the White House has a significant stake, where the electoral defeat of the pro-US candidate is not denounced as illegitimate by the entire political and mass media elite. In the most recent period, the White House and its camp followers cried foul following the free (and monitored) elections in Venezuela and Gaza, while joyously fabricating an ‘electoral success’ in Lebanon despite the fact that the Hezbollah-led coalition received over 53% of the vote."

"Almost the entire spectrum of Western opinion makers, including all the major electronic and print media, the major liberal, radical, libertarian and conservative web-sites, echoed the opposition’s claim of rampant election fraud. Neo-conservatives, libertarian conservatives and Trotskyites joined the Zionists in hailing the opposition protestors as the advance guard of a democratic revolution. Democrats and Republicans condemned the incumbent regime, refused to recognize the result of the vote and praised the demonstrators’ efforts to overturn the electoral outcome. The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, the Israeli Foreign Office and the entire leadership of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations called for harsher sanctions against Iran and announced Obama’s proposed dialogue with Iran as ‘dead in the water’."

"What is astonishing about the West’s universal condemnation of the electoral outcome as fraudulent is that not a single shred of evidence in either written or observational form has been presented either before or a week after the vote count."

The author is absolutely correct that what we've seen is the classic MO of the fascists's response to to an election outcome they don't like. It's happened in the past with Nicaragua, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Gaza and other countries. Because groups lost that would have kowtowed to ziofascist interests, the election results are automatically fraudulent by definition.
Iran is no different, and so we see the spectacle of a showboat vote in the House to support the demonstrators, solely an attempt to give them legitimacy.
But I have a feeling of forboding about what's happening in Iran. The country has been in ziofascist crosshars for years because it's the key for total regional control. Each domino for conquering central asia was toppled by a unique method - Iraq with lies and invasion, corrupt arab governments are bribed, Yugoslavia was slowly balkanized, 9/11 was the excuse for Afghanistan. The fascists have decided to create chaos in Iran by fabricating internal unrest. They probably aren't going to let up the pressure until the country is in flames, or the long awaited regional war commences..
It's obvious corporate media prepared for this and the propaganda is flying fast and furious. Networking sites were all set up to blast anti government messages, so because of their implanted agents the US begged Twitter not to shut down for maintainance. It's been a total Iranathon for a week of saturation coverage. There were riots after the election in Moldova recently but you'd be forgiven if you never heard a word about them. Rioting in Georgia? Latvia? India? No, the propagandists want you to pay attention to Iran where a massive disinformation campaign is under way as the manipulators go for total disruption. I was about to say the bombings are next, but events beat me to it. The ziofascists have had their big Iran lollapalooza prepared for a long time, their usual election complaints are probably going to get far more serious with the Grand Prize at stake.


Blogger Devin said...

Thanks so much for this very timely article-man do you speak the truth-no one's democracy is good enough unless it is approved by us-what a frikkin joke! Our electoral process is so open to fraud now that it is unbelievable with black box voting and all-we don't have any right to be telling other countries how to vote or which election was and wasnt fraudulent-I also have a terrible feeling about Iran-today I talked with a friend about the increasing insanity of this world-I recommended that he watch the movie Brazil -and keep in mind that is was filmed in 1985 and see if it didn't seem somewhat prophetic in some areas-especially to what a joke the USA and UK are becoming-the supposed guardians of free thinking-what a laugh. I am waiting to see when they install an internal passport system here-will it be before or after the next FF op? best to you as always and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

20/6/09 4:35 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Yes, I think that just as 9/11 was the announcement to the world that the fascists were pedal to the metal in their end game, they very heavily invested in this Iran turmoil and won't stop until the country is a smoking ruin.

21/6/09 6:55 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

By the way Devin, Brazil is one of my all time favorite flicks, absolutely deserves to be seen repeatedly. So, so prophetic.

21/6/09 6:57 AM  

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