Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, What Are Bailed Out Execs Supposed To Do With Themselves?

Golf courses sniff around for some sort of bailout too

" In today's economy, golf is in the rough. And with a bad lie. Once-haughty country clubs are offering specials. Courses have closed or cut back on maintenance. The world's top golf ball manufacturer has seen demand for souvenir balls stamped with company logos drop off.
And so officials in the golf industry have joined the nation's bankers, auto makers and insurance companies in marching to Washington in search of understanding. They're not asking for a bailout, but they do want greater appreciation of their industry's importance.
"There are a number of congressmen who do not understand the economic impact of golf on their local community," said James B. Singerling, chief executive of the Club Managers Assn. of America. "Our message to Congress is that when you pass legislation that makes it difficult for the golf industry to stay in business, you don't hurt the wealthy. Who you hurt are the employees.
"Singerling and others will be in Washington Wednesday to make sure Congress does not lump the golf industry in with massage parlors, suntan facilities and liquor stores as businesses undeserving of federal help."

They just can't help being snobs with that last comment.


Anonymous nick z said...

I got a better idea. Open up these extravagant corporate ruling-class playgrounds to the homeless and let them camp there for the summer or until they find regular places to live.

21/5/09 6:45 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Very good idea. And by doing that all the water going to waste keeping the greens in shape could go to better purpose and the thousands of tons of herbicides and pesticides won't saturate the land.

21/5/09 10:27 AM  

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