Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Congress Embraces Reality

Loaded guns allowed in national parks under bill

"The Senate voted Tuesday to allow guns in national parks and wildlife refuges, and the House could follow suit as soon as Wednesday."

"To the surprise of many, the amendment easily passed, winning support from 67 senators - including 27 Democrats. Among those who voted "yes" was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who had blocked Coburn's amendment from coming to the Senate floor for more than a year. Seven other Western Democrats voted with Reid to support the Republican senator's amendment, which allows a range of firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges as long as they are allowed by federal, state and local law."

Any vote along constitutional lines is a good vote and attempting to keep people disarmed in national parks was unconstitutional and quite stupid.

Aside from the illegality of infringing on our rights there are two strong reasons to arm yourself in parks. If you do any back country travel you have an excellent chance of meeting up with animals who don't have any awareness of humans being at the top of the food chain. And because parks have been gun free zones, human parasites have considered them to be easy picking zones.

Arguments to disarm the people at these places hinge on irrational emotionality. If it's not beatific visions of Smokey Bear, Bambi and Butterflies being besmirched by baddasses, it's the absurd fear that our freedom to arm ourselves will automatically result in macho displays and wild shootouts in the campsite next door. Of course some people will always be idiots everywhere you go but gun owners as a whole, and especially concealed licensees, are profoundly more cautious and polite out of sheer necessity.
Also, getting rid of weapon restrictions simply faces up to reality, because I have a hunch most people are armed in national parks anyway despite the laws prohibiting firearm availability. I always am.


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