Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wagging Dogs

A little item that escaped attention at the time

"Anyway, did you know that 60 Minutes aired a human interest story on Pvt. Jessica Lynch and her family a month or so PRIOR to her shipping out for duty in Iraq? I know, because my wife and I happened to see the original CBS telecast.
I can't give you the exact date, but there's absolutely no question that 60 Minutes went on location to her picturesque home town in West Virginia in order to interview the comely trooper and her doting mom, dad and brother. They all sat around the quintessentially american Lynch family kitchen table (it even had a checkered table cloth) and shared their thoughts and feelings about how Jessica's unit was being activated for overseas duty, and that the blonde lass would shortly be stationed in the sands of the Middle East bravely serving in what would probably soon turn into a war zone. At the time, [my wife] and I regarded it an especially saccharine bit of journalism. Little did we know just how sinister an artificial sweetener it was actually laced with.
I've looked around quite extensively and nobody ever mentions this absurdly impossible coincidence."


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