Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Media Quiet About Bibi's Visit, Obama Gets Marching Orders Anyway

Spare US media coverage of Obama-Netanyahu talks

"WASHINGTON (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first US visit for talks with President Barack Obama on Iran and Palestinian statehood earned only modest coverage in US newspapers Tuesday.
While the deep differences exposed during the talks between Obama and Netanyahu earned blanket coverage in Israeli media and stoked fears in Israel of cooling ties with its main ally, the story failed to make the front pages of The New York Times, Washington Post or Wall Street Journal.
Each of the papers ran brief teasers of the meeting on page one but the stories themselves ran well inside, including on page 10 of the Journal as well as the Post, and page 12 of the Times."

Barack Obama: Iran must meet nuclear deadline

"US President Barack Obama has told Iran it has until the end of the year to respond to his diplomatic outreach over stopping its nuclear programme."


OpenID dad2059 said...

In this dance cycle, things are gonna drag on like they always do, with our so-called "liberal" government playing "good guy" to Bibi's hardcore Zionism.

In the meantime, the Palestinians will suffer some more genocide while the government tutt-tutts, the Zionists here and there will spend and print more Monopoly money and the Iron Mountain Report is followed to the letter.

20/5/09 9:08 AM  
Anonymous abi said...

I love Panetta's junior-high remark that if Israel attacks Iran, there'll be "big trouble." Ohhh...I'll bet Netanyahu's scared, eh? ;-)

20/5/09 10:10 AM  

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