Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boastful, Monstrous Insanity

It's stuff like this that completely exposes the true reptilian agenda of the psychopathic crew that's fed on misery and death over the years. The dark and fetid resonance from their actions is celebrated as great success by their brain dead minions, and the most sickening figure in all american history soaks up their accolades as if he won a farting contest at the local frat hangout.

To Soldiers, Bush Describes Wide Benefits From 2 Wars

"FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — To thunderous applause from thousands of soldiers, President Bush boasted Tuesday of military successes in Afghanistan and Iraq and said he had helped bring democracy to both countries."

added - a sampling of the moron's "wide benefits".

Sewage Saturates Sadr City

"Spare tires come in handy in Sadr City when lakes of sewage overflow trenches or bubble up from broken underground pipes. Pedestrians pull them from at-ready stacks to create a foot bridge across the excrement.
“Getting rid of this -- how can I put it delicately -- this waste material has become a dream,” says Kamal Hanjab, 44, the district council chairman. “I fear that when I die, I will be buried in it.”

You know, when human filth like the Bushistas talk about freedom, they're talking about their freedom, When they talk about profit or benefits, they're talking about their own. Grandiose and flowery language only fools the people who want or need to be fooled.


Blogger Devin said...

You couldn't be more right here. I wonder what the next 'trick'- 'fflag'will be. I always think back and wonder how did our little American experiment go so horribly wrong!-Devin

27/11/08 1:41 AM  

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