Thursday, August 28, 2008

Repugs Cater To Their Trailer Trash Demographic

GOP booth sells $3 Obama bills at state fair

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. -- A $3 bill has both Democrats and Republicans talking. The controversial bill features Barack Obama wearing a headdress, propelling a widespread myth that he's Muslim. Some call it a joke, but not everyone's laughing. Carol Ronken is, in fact fuming over the bill which she found at the Evergreen State Fair's Republican Party booth."It's racist. It's disgusting," she said. On the bill the words "da man" are printed under his face, perpetuating the myth. Obama is, in fact, a Christian."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama subscribes to a cult of Christianity - Black Liberation Theology...a racist (and misogynistic) belief system.

According to Islamic tradition, Obama is considered Muslim having been fathered by a Muslim(like the Jewish matrilineal reverse)....

Most importantly, Obama worships himself. He appears to have a classic narcissistic personality disorder.

30/8/08 9:17 PM  

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