Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phony "Terror" War Jumps The Shark

A long time ago.

This is a commercial pilot, for fuck's sake, can you understand what that means? The "terror" war is a total lie.

PA pilot says he's on watch list, sues to save job

"HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) -- A commercial airline pilot and convert to Islam who says his name is on the U.S. government's secret terrorist watch list has fought back, filing a federal lawsuit against the Homeland Security Department and various other federal agencies.
Erich Scherfen says unless his name is removed from the list, he faces losing not only his job but the ability to make a living in his chosen profession. (...)

A New Jersey native, Scherfen, 37, said he believes his name was placed on a watch list because he converted to Islam in 1994 - even though he is a Gulf War combat veteran. Both he and his Pakistan-born wife, who is also a Muslim, said they have no criminal records or ties to terrorists.
In their lawsuit, the couple said they have been repeatedly subjected to searches, questioning and detention at airports and border crossings since 2006. Ticket agents and others have made vague references to their names being on lists, but there was no clear explanation for the extra scrutiny."


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