Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Will Be Known As The Phony Olympics

The Berlin games had a Nazi controversy, the '72 games saw the Munich massacre and this olympiad will forever be known for it's pompous, iron fisted fakery.
I happened to watch the women's marathon yesterday and I swear there was a cop every 50 feet along the entire route. Perhaps they were there to make sure the bussed in "spectators" waved their flags vigorously enough for the cameras.
Can anyone imagine the damage to that little girl who cut the best rendition of "Hymn to the Motherland" but was booted from the program and told she was too ugly? If anyone else didn't think the things I did after hearing that and seeing the sweet little singer, I haven't heard about it. Of course the authoritarian thugs started early with this switcheroo, leveling vast swaths of crowded Beijing because they looked a little too "chinee" to foreigners.
Gushing comments about the opening spectacle left me perplexed. What little I saw of that hoopla actually made me laugh at it's pretentious stupidity; maybe rigorously choreographed march of the robots and a guy swinging around on a wire really wows some people. Even the fireworks turned out to be phony. (added - and performers had to wait 6-7 hours to get to a bathroom so they were forced to wear diapers)
All right, all modern day olympics are corrupted by politics and they've all lost the true meaning of sporting competition. Host cities go overboard with pompous spectacle and this is all to be expected. China really wanted to enter the big leagues and put a big sloppy dose of lipstick on this pig, even telling the city's residents to stifle age old habits for a few weeks.
But the Chinese manipulators went one huge step too far. If I'm not mistaken the games are for people's enjoyment to watch the best athletes in the world compete against each other. But paranoia trumped common sense and the spirit of the entire event when they restricted the amount of people in each venue:
"The mystery of the half-filled stands at many events at the 2008 Olympic Games has been solved, according to Chinese internet users, who say it is the result of a policy to prevent the gathering of large and possibly uncontrollable crowds.
They claim ticket sales to the public were secretly restricted. Blocks of tickets went to government departments, Communist party officials or state-owned companies, which have quietly obeyed orders not to hand them out. (...)
At some football matches in the northern city of Shenyang, only a third of the seats were taken. Even some gymnastics finals, ( edit - where some of the Chinese contestants were obviously pre-pubescent, in violation of the rules) usually one of the biggest attractions on the programme, were not sold out.
Nobody seems to have explained it to the International Olympic Committee, which is baffled by the empty seats, or to the sponsors, who are disappointed

The fascists couldn't even trust people enough to go and see the competitions they tried so hard to bring to them. It winds up they didn't give a shit about the athletes or the spectators or the spirit of the games, it was all about them. And it's all a fake.


Blogger Mad_Tinfoil_Hatter said...

You know, Comrade Nolocontendre, I am really beginning to question your commitment to the Global Economy. Don't you know China is our benevolent Partner in Prosperity? Ours is a mutually symbiotic economic relationship. I mean, if it weren't for China, how would I ever get 2 plastic salad shooters for 3 bucks at Wal-Mart?

Oh, and besides, they are a freer, more open society than ours now too. I know that because the Wall Street Journal says so.

17/8/08 10:20 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well harvest my organs, I guess I'm not exhibiting the correct amount of excitement for this spectacle, so I'll go buy an official McBurger© and ogle beach volleyball!

17/8/08 5:21 PM  
Anonymous Resort said...

WOW that's that sounds interesting...

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19/8/08 6:54 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

What, stealing a kidney?

19/8/08 10:15 AM  

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