Monday, August 18, 2008

Vicious Israeli Siege To Be Tested

Two small ships called the SS Free Gaza and the SS Liberty are sailing from Crete and will attempt to reach the Gaza coast later this week. They aren't bringing many much needed supplies to desperate Palestinians but what they represent is far more important. They are directly challenging the immoral and illegal Israeli blockade of the Gaza coast. There could be as many as sixty people on board by the time they reach Palestinian waters, including peace activists and journalists.

Nobody knows how the Israelis will act on this. They've called them "pirate ships" attempting to aid a "terrorist" regime and have vowed to stop them. Our bestest little buddy in the middle east is deathly afraid of two little ships bringing balloons and hearing aids for children because of the dangerous precedent it would set. The racist Israelis are intending that nothing will ease the misery of one and a half million people living in the worlds largest open air prison, and will stop these boats from delivering any hope that their suffering will end.

You can say almost for certainty that the boats won't be fired upon, even though the organizers were treated with death threats for weeks. The reason is that military action against one of them will bring up that little incident in 1967 when the Israelis tried their best to sink a US intelligence ship called the USS Liberty and blame it on Arabs. 34 american sailers were murdered and 174 more were wounded, and I guarantee the zionists don't want that to be brought up in the media.


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