Friday, August 22, 2008

Hate The Big, Bad Russkies Much?

Ever since the fascists had their Georgian stooge Saakashvili flatten Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, with a midnight missile barrage, it's been non stop propaganda to villify all things Russian. I haven't seen a coordinated mass marketing mind control campaign like this since the morning of 9/11, when in our most vulnerable moment they inserted their manipulated fabrication into our heads.

In hindsight it seems like the sudden, insane slaughter of the Russian peacekeepers and South Ossetian grandmothers was meant to create the intense Russian response. Two weeks ago the sudden chain of events were overwhelmingly rapid, but right from the start the question of why Georgia would ever pull such an astoundingly stupid maneuver stuck in my craw. Over the days since it became more clear that both the US and Israel had prepped the disfunctional tool Saakashvili and his inept military to pull that stunt. In fact, they were guided every step of the way by imbedded ziofascist advisors.

So what happened in the media right after the few days of Georgian slaughter and the ferocious response? Two things from my point of view, a blunt, overwhelming propaganda campaign to restart the cold war and a sly but familiar explanation for that.

Let me ask a question. Over the years everybody in this country, even the most Foxified mouthbreathers, knows the Bushistas as inept, bungling, mistake prone boobs, right? It's been a constant refrain since Dim Son took office in 2000. Intelligence on Iraq was faulty so what could they do? Golly it was such a surprise when 9/11 happened. Gosh they tried so hard when Katrina happened. Follow the common thread here?

So when this manufactured Georgian war erupted there was plenty of evidence to try, convict and hang the real perpetrators. Anybody who's been paying attention knows who really pulled the strings to start the Caucasus crisis, and it wasn't the tie eating puppet who was installed by the CIA a few years ago. Even the vile MSM didn't try to finger the Georgians for abruptly precipitating the crisis because THAT part of the drama was conveniently swept uder the rug for people who only read the headlines. Just about all the analysis that has examined the Bushista involvement with Georgia concentrated on how much of a stupid blunder it was to sic their proxy forces on the South Ossetians. How the Russians came out in a much stronger position because of US mistakes. My my, who could EVER have thought that there would be such a powerful and decisive reaction to leveling Tskhinvali and killing the peacekeepers?

See common thread above.

Two weeks later we can see the method behind the madness. The fascists always do things for overlapping reasons and it's like peeling an onion and going through layer after layer. It seems the hapless Georgians were set up for a fall which neatly explains the nagging question of why they poked an angry bear. The perpetrators conveniently skipped town before the patsies did their masters' bidding."Mistakes" the Bushistas made with their client state Georgia did wonders to finally get their missiles placed in Poland. As referred to above, for the vast majority of dull witted americans, all they know is that Russia invaded a country on it's border. Since day one of this mess the fecal corporate media with it's loyal brownshirts has been mercilessly hammering the Russians, our new/old Villain du jour, with a non stop propaganda marketing crusade to restart the cold war. After all, there's money to be made.


and hulking, belching Russian women


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