Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Thugs drag tased man to die in gutter while preventing his mother from giving him CPR

MOBERLY - Stanley Harlan died after an early morning altercation with Moberly Police.
Moberly Police tasered the 23 year-old twice.
Police said Harlan was resisting arrest for suspicion of drunk driving when an officer tased him.
Police also said Harlan soon became unresponsive and died at Moberly Regional Medical Center around 2 a.m. (...)
Family members and witnesses said Harlan was tased twice, the second time while handcuffed, by police during a traffic stop. But Moberly Police said they tased Harlan once to stop his resisting arrest, and a second time briefly to finish handcuffing him.
Witnesses said after Harlan was tased twice by police officers, he was dragged to this curb where he lay awaiting help.
Harlan's mother, who said she witnessed the whole incident from her lawn, said her son was not resisting arrest.
"They said he was resisting arrest. Stan said no I'm not no I'm not. He was just standing there. The other officer yelled get the taser, get the taser," she said.
After the tasering, Harlan's mother said police saw there was something wrong.
"They pulled him up and said, 'Stanley, stand up, you're all right," said Athena Harlan.
Police said they called an ambulance, but witnesses said they paid more attention to Harlan's car than his condition.
Harlan's mother said police wouldn't allow her to perform CPR on her son at the scene, and another witness said they let him die in the gutter."


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