Monday, April 28, 2008

Such Subtle Rudeness

Classes must be given on this. All from the first paragraph.

Rev. Wright Defends Church, Blasts Media

"In three major appearances in the last four days, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. offered a full-throated historical defense of black church traditions. But his re-emergence on the national stage has certainly served to provide more sound-bites that already have begun to haunt Senator Barack Obama on the campaign trail."

Translation from despicable MSM speak to plain english:

1. Apparently Rev. Wright has minor appearances.

2. Wright "offered" something for your consideration. A lot different than "stated" something.

3. Have you ever seen the Times, or any MSM rag call something emanating from any Bushista lips "full throated"?

4. Two letters away from "hysterical" defense.

5. Re-emergence? As if the Times and other filthy rags haven't rammed Wright down everybody's throats?


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