Sunday, April 27, 2008

Behold More James Bond Craftiness From A Loathsome Nemesis

I suppose we should all beseech the Bushistas to save us from this latest cartoon threat that has us all shaking in our boots.

Kim Jong-il builds ‘Thunderbirds’ runway for war in North Korea
"North Korean military engineers are completing an underground runway beneath a mountain that can protect fighter aircraft from attack until they take off at high speed through the mouth of a tunnel.
The 6,000ft runway is a few minutes’ flying time from the tense front line where the Korean People’s Army faces soldiers from the United States and South Korea.
The project was identified by an air force defector from North Korea and captured on a satellite image by Google Earth, according to reports in the South Korean press last week.
It is one of three underground fighter bases among an elaborate subterranean military infrastructure built to withstand a “shock and awe” assault in the first moments of a war, the defector said."

Whoosh! Boom!
Runway for war. US soldiers just a few minutes from doom! Found on Google! You know google, don't you?
Jeebus, they must have a good time thinking this Death Star garbage up. I'm imagining a room full of twenty something nerdy creeps they lure from Stanford as they fire up some spliff and bounce ideas off each other to scare the hell out of us rubes.
Submarines of Doom! Axis of Evil Intent! Nook-u-ler playdough!

You may remember Saddam, way back in the eighties, when he ostensibly dreamed up his deadly Supergun, a gigantic cannon that was supposed to threaten the known universe. It was a big piece of rusting pipe laying up against a hill out in the desert, and was never used until UN teams dismantled it after the first Gulf slaughter.


Or recall his Poison Spewing Drones Of Misery that Fox trumpeted to make us pee in our pants when the lying warmongers forced their Iraq invasion down our throats.


Who can forget Osama's Fortress Of Terpitude cave complex where all kinds of nefarious activity was supposedly hatched amid opulent surroundings?


Sweet jeebus they pull this stuff all the time, and I don't know how they can breathlessly announce this garbage with a straight face and keep from laughing. As for that supposed underground runway coming out of a mountain, a few well aimed missiles is all it would take, but we're not supposed to realize that.


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