Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shitty Reason To Perpetuate Unnecessary Procedure

'Miracle' Wrinkle Cream's key ingredient: circumcised baby foreskin
"A new wrinkle cream that promises fabulous results. But the question everyone's asking is "what's in that cream?"
Barbara Blair says this new gel she's been using makes her face look a lot younger than the Retin-A and vitamin C creams she's been using.
"It's really tightened my skin. Firmed it. The little lines are much better. The texture is very appreciably different."
What Blair probably doesn't know is that a key ingredient in the cream is the foreskin of a circumcised baby.
The skin that would otherwise be tossed away. It was first made into a product that helped burn victims heal. Now it's in this antiwrinkle gel, called TNS Recovery Complex.
Betsy Rubenstone is the aesthetician in the plastic surgery department at the University of Pennsylvania and she swears by this stuff.
She knows why the foreskin is used.
"It's filled with everything we begin to lose as we age," Rubenstone says. "And that includes growth factors, amino acids, proteins, collage, elastin and holyuronic acid."
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital dermatologist Paul Bujanauskas says while TNS might have merit, he would not prescribe it for his patients because no scientific research proving its value has been published in medical journals.
The cost of one bottle of TNS is about $130. And that will last you about a month and a half. How does it smell? Well that's another downside. Just ask anybody who uses it.
"It's disgusting. It's got a sour smell to it that makes you want to gag," says Blair. "But you get used to it."

Would discarded tissue from female circumcision be used if it was thought it had similar properties?


Blogger Strayer said...

It's hardly the same procedure, and female mutilation is done when a female is a preteen or teen, most often, to prevent any sexual arousal.

I don't know why male babies are circumsized but I know it does not prevent male arousal or sexual stiumulation. There's plenty of that going around in the circumsized male population. Comparing these is not valid.

26/4/08 7:27 AM  
Blogger Mark Lyndon said...

It's hardly much different. In fact some forms of female circumcision do a lot less damage than male circumcision, and one is the exact equivalent. Even making an incision on a girl's genitals without removing any tissue is illegal though, whereas it's commonplace for the most sensitive part of a boy's penis to be ripped away from the glans and then cut off.

Non-religious male circumcision became popular in the USA because they thought that :
1) masturbation caused various forms of physical and mental illness and
2) that circumcision would stop masturbation.

Don't believe me? I didn't believe it either when I first read it. It seemed a bit far-fetched, but that's how they thought back then. Check out this link:

26/4/08 7:54 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well strayer, torture is torture, no matter what the age. Circumcision is an archaic cultural travesty that needs to be done away with and just because a byproduct was found to be beneficial in some other application should't perpetuate this macabre ugliness. Let me take this bizarre and dark procedure just a little further. This is one small step from grinding up an entire infant for all those precious fluids.

26/4/08 6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soylent green.

26/4/08 7:40 PM  
Blogger TLC Tugger said...

Foreskin feels REALLY good.

HIS body HIS decision.


26/4/08 10:15 PM  
Blogger patootie said...

HIS body HIS decision.

27/4/08 12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't want a penis anywhere near my face, certainly not ON my face!

As far as circumcision goes, it makes no difference to me. I've been with both types of men and I've enjoyed both. Circumcision seems like a mean thing to do to a baby though, especially since there's no medical reason to do so.

Still scratching my head that someone would put this in a facial cream. Yuck!


27/4/08 1:00 AM  

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