Friday, April 18, 2008

Endlessly Treating Israel As The 51st State

Hillary wraps the little pariah in a warm security blanket
"An attack on Israel would trigger massive retaliation from the United States," said New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who proposed that the US create a security umbrella for Israel and other allies in the region to protect them from a nuclear Iran."

All three of the Diebold selectees still standing are Israel firsters, making sure that they endlessly repeat their sworn allegience to the zionist entity every chance they get. If only they declared their allegience to this country's constitution so often, if only.

Here are the ridiculous assertions inherent in this unbounded lovefest. No one is threatening Israel, who has the most advanced and powerful military in the middle east, courtesy of american taxpayers. Israel is also a nuclear power very able to fend off any supposed threats that only exist in the minds of propagandists and corrupt politicians. The only threat in the region is from Israel itself, who has bombed it's neighbors, invaded them and continues it's racist, apartheid and savage treatment of the Palestinians, all apparently fine policies embraced by suck up presidential aspirants.

But here's the most dangerous thing about this never ending oath of allegiance to that most outcast among countries, and limitless declarations to leap into action in it's defense at the faintest whiff of danger. Israel has quite the history of creating false flag events to achieve what it wants, namely that Israel's fight is therefore america's fight. Some of them are quite vicious like the attempt to sink the USS Liberty and slaughter it's entire crew to get the US to attack Egypt during the 1967 war. Phony events and blaming patsies are it's modus vivendi - after all the Mossad motto is "by way of deception, thou shalt do war".

The constant drumbeat of propaganda for the zionist state and slavish support shown by Clinton et al absolutely ensures that when the next round of fraudulent "events" occur, it doesn't matter who's in the white house. Lots more americans and arab patsies will be dying because every one of the candidates grovels before that "shitty little state" and the stranglehold it has on american politics.


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