Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cabal Still Squirms Five Years Later

It was supposed to be one of those triumphant photo ops the posturing war criminals loved back then - Dim Son smirking in front of a hand picked crowd of wildly cheering servicemen to impress the rubes back home. Get the camera angles just right with that Mission Accomplished banner positioned just so in the background and cue the Preening Buffoon to deliver the money lines to wild huzzahs. And right from the start it all came undone.

Even though he played dress up in that flight suit, the Drunken Frat Brat didn't have anything to do with landing the jet on that carrier. He shouted to reporters "Yes I flew it" because supposedly he grabbed the controls during the brief flight to the ship. But at least assorted press whores fell all over themselves to rave about the show. Tim Russert gushed his man love as commander Game Boy strutted about the deck in his codpiece. And at Faux Spews:
"I'll tell you what, [First Lady Laura Bush] has a hottie on her hands--look how good he looks," swooned E.D. Hill, a co-host of the morning program Fox & Friends. In a line that the White House could have scripted, Miss Hill's co-host Steve Doocy exclaimed: "If you're a Democratic presidential candidate ... maybe you should just join a lobbyist group for the next four years or something. 'Cause I don't think you're going to be taking that man's lob anytime soon."

Oh how they meticulously arranged the photo op that day. There was no reason for Captain Codpiece to go to the USS Abraham Lincoln except to stage this spectacle worthy of Cecil B. DeMille. The crew was finally coming back to port after 10 months at sea but the propagandists slowed the crew's homecoming for their supposed triumphant lollapalooza. They and their expectant families had to wait an extra day to be reunited while the bastards treated the crew as expedient props. We were told the ship was too far out at sea for Sockpuppet to make a boring helicopter arrival but it turned out it was only 30 miles off the coast. They turned the ship into the fading light of day so the cameras would get that dramatic sun angle so the whole cartoon might appear more forceful. As an extra bonus for the manipulators, according to the May 12 issue of Time, the ship was positioned "to obscure any view of the nearby coastline and ensure a picture-perfect azure backdrop."

Then the banner itself. The propagandists at the white house initially denied any responsibility for it as the deaths mounted in the weeks and months afterwards. Of course that was a lie, which is the default position they always take. They blamed the navy for putting it up. But just like the shifting reasons for destroying Iraq they kept throwing shit up against the wall hoping something would stick. The story was then changed to "the Navy requested the banner and the White House staff produced it." A year later they changed their tune again as if they had never lied all that time: "We put it up. We made the sign," Fleischer said."
Reality for the criminals is whatever the hell they can get away with.

So five years after that tawdry effort the "White House admits fault on 'Mission Accomplished' banner", but this is how they spin it:
"WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House said Wednesday that President Bush has paid a price for the "Mission Accomplished" banner that was flown in triumph five years ago but later became a symbol of U.S. misjudgments and mistakes in the long and costly war in Iraq."

Poor little boy, it's all about him, isn't it?


Blogger Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

The local university's publication for alumni arrived the other day. On the front cover was an alumni, now serving in Iraq. Sensing the smell of propaganda, I looked inside for more information. Yep. An article that put together the stories and opinions of several alumni now serving in Iraq, all with a pro-war spin. Well, at least there was nothing to the effect of "why we're here I have no clue!" As dark as it got was the discussion of how hard it is to be away from family.

As I said, propaganda.

1/5/08 11:48 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Sadly, we have to fight to be aware.

1/5/08 2:55 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

I just have to mention that E.D. Hill easily makes my top 10 (probably top 5) of the most kiss ass, propaganda spreading liars on TV. She knows no shame.

1/5/08 5:30 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thank you Lesley, I don't watch TV so I had never heard of her. Makes me glad I don't watch TV.

1/5/08 7:43 PM  

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