Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mysogynists Wanted Current Conditions

Mission Accomplished

"Women Are Being Beheaded for Taking Their Veil Off": Honor Killings On Rise in Iraq
"At first glance Shawbo Ali Rauf appears to be slumbering on the grass, her pale brown curls framing her face, her summer skirt spread about her. But the awkward position of her limbs and the splattered blood reveal the true horror of the scene."

No place for a woman - Plans to rebuild Iraq exclude women, May 08, 2003

Life in Iraq is worse now than under Saddam, Iraqi woman tells MCC students

Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our children

The Iraq Legacy: Millions of Women's Lives Destroyed

No, the fascist legacy.


Blogger Tix•R•Us said...

in any kind of upheaval it is always the innocent, disenfranchised, and the poor who pay the heaviest.

Iraqis have it particularly hard because as Muslim countries go their country *was* one of the more secular during Saddam, and also one of the better educated. Greater numbers of them may have had a taste of what freedom feels like. I don't blame them for wishing they had Saddam back.

30/4/08 12:10 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well said Tix•R•Us, especially in an unnecessary, manufactured upheaval of the most egregious proportions.

30/4/08 7:40 PM  
Anonymous nick z. said...

I dunno, I'd be interested to know exactly where these stories are from and who is behind them. While they may make the imperialist occupation look bad, they still have the ultimate effect of making the local Iraqi muslims look like barbarians, and that could be more Xtian propaganda.

Honor killings may have some history in those parts, but they also make a great basis for propaganda to be used against the local muslims, and if one thinks about it, they really make no ense whatsoever. Why kill women that can be used to make babies and more soldiers for Islam?

How do we know this isn't something being done by undercover Mossad or their Iranian counterparts?

1/5/08 8:03 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well put nick, you have a point there. There is always that extra level of manipulation to shade understanding in news stories. You're absolutely correct in referring to how, for example, "other parties" can commit atrocities that reinforce the racist stereotype that vicious MSM need to project. My point though was to emphasize the chaos and desperate circumstances Iraqi women now find themselves in, regardless of the cause.
Notice how for years now the apologists have dropped womens' issues as justification for the invasion and occupation. If, say, Mossad hit squads abduct and murder women to try to create disgust against the barbaric Arabs for dim bulb audiences, they've cut off their noses to spite their faces.

1/5/08 7:59 PM  

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