Monday, October 29, 2007

US Annexes A Chunk Of Canada

In a video, that is. True to a culture of shameless self promotion, the feds partnered with a bunch of corporate interests including Disney to boost tourism, presumably because foreigners have found it a tad difficult at airports these days. But after being frisked and body cavity searched our visitors will soon be able to view a big production feel good movie extolling god's country, which is a little bigger now.

The several minute long montage of people and vistas and soaring music is notable for a scene of Niagara Falls about four minutes in. Problem is, the producers decided not to use the American Falls at Niagara, which is really just a steep rapids after a massive rock fall in 1954, but included Horseshoe Falls, a much bigger and therefore more photogenic landmark located on the Canadian side of the border. Tough luck you hosers!

You can view the video at the DiscoverAmerica site but be prepared for massive gobs of happy.


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