Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paris Hilton, Wearing A Skeleton Costume, Tears Down Posters In A Porn Shop

The end of the world is indeed at hand

"For sale: Video showing Paris Hilton allegedly ripping her posters of her porn tape, "One Night In Paris" off a Toronto Porn store wall, according to CTV.CA.
The owners of the store said they were negotiating with two U.S. tabloid entertainment shows for exclusive rights to the footage. Offers as high as $50,000 were reportedly made for the tape, reports CTV.
Employees at a Toronto adult video store claim Hilton stormed into their establishment and demanded posters promoting her raunchy sex tape with Rick Salomon be removed.
Hilton apparently entered the downtown store on Wednesday afternoon and threw a fit while disguised in a skeleton costume and mask, a store manager told CTV News on Friday."

In related apocalyptic news, George W. Bush Butt Plugs now on sale

Plus, a delightful love story told in just three pictures:

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