Friday, October 26, 2007

Commanding Officer Of Top Nuclear Sub Removed

Fired for not supporting the fascists' upcoming war on Iran?

"LOS ANGELES — The commanding officer of the nuclear-powered submarine USS Hampton was relieved of his duty yesterday because of a loss of confidence in his leadership, the Navy said.
Cmdr. Michael B. Portland was relieved of duty after a U.S. Navy investigation found that required daily safety checks on its nuclear reactor were not done for a month and records were falsified to cover up the omission

If it was just sloppy bookkeeping or procedural carelessness this could easily be a non story. But there's a little more that, considering our race towards armeggedon, that makes me pause for thought. For one thing, he isn't going to be charged with anything. For another, this removal is very much a major shakeup.

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Also, it seems to fit a pattern.

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I don't know how often this happens but it seems to me that there could be something other than sloppiness or rule breaking that's caused such a turnover. If it turns out that these guys wouldn't play ball with the warmongering, one would hope that they would be patriots who recognize their moral obligation to spill the beans.

A google search for his replacement, a "commander william j houston", turns up exactly nothing.


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