Friday, October 26, 2007

People Are Waking Up To Bush's Insanity

President Bush Needs a Time Out

"If I were a school teacher, and little George Bush made a comment in class about World War III with Iran – particularly given the current political climate – I would tell him to put his head down on his desk and take a time out."

Straitjacket Bush

"The president's warmongering remarks on the Iranian threat suggest he is psychotic. Really."

Where are we on World War III?

"These guys are out of control," says Douglas Roche, our former disarmament ambassador, of the latest Bush-Cheney sabre-rattling on Iran - of their war-as-a-first-resort mentality. "Out of control."

Putin Denounces `Madman' With Knife Approach to Iran

"Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced what he called the "madman waving a knife'' approach to diplomatic negotiations aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear program."

George Bush – “Running around like a madman..”

"Although Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t mention any names when he gave his response to the new sanctions imposed on Iran by the US, his comment of “Running around like a mad man with a blade in one's hand is not the best way to solve such problems,” seems tailor-made for George Bush."

Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President

"Bush Administration policies are not only a "great catastrophe" but the products of a disturbed mind..."

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