Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coming Soon To An Antiwar Demonstration Near You

The ADS, an "Active Denial System" or crowd control weapon, a microwave beam that cooks you just a little bit, unless some jackboot thug has a wee bit of sadistic impulse and puts it on a different setting.

The test subjects were eventually told to remove glasses and coins and keys from their pockets because of the possibility of severe burns. And then there was this comment at a discussion group:

"Being a practicing dentist, I am familiar with the likely damage to teeth in people exposed to the ADS beam. Millions of people worldwide have had their teeth restored with silver amalgam fillings and porcelain fused to metal crowns. According to reports that detail how this beam will cause the generation of heat in metal, it is safe to expect that teeth restored with metal will be subjected to increased temperature. Dental pulps within the pulp cavity of teeth do not react well to such temperature increases and will probably be damaged. This damage will likely lead to the development of pulpal pathology and create the need for root canal therapy or extraction in affected teeth."

Not to mention eye cataracts and eventual cancer tumors.


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