Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mexican Land Grab

Since last October when Sockpuppet signed a bill into law mandating a so called security fence along the border with Mexico, opposition to the boondoggle has only gotten stronger:

"Elected officials and civic leaders along the 900-mile Texas-Mexico border are fuming over what they consider a patronizing and devious planning process to build 153 miles of security fence in the state.
And they worry about the impact the fence will have on the environment; the flow of trade and relationship with Mexico; and the system of levees that control flooding in the Rio Grande Valley. In Hidalgo County, the plan calls for fencing atop the flood-control levees that are already in "serious need of repair," said Hidalgo County Judge J.D. Salinas III."

The scheme is pure idiocy - poorly thought out emotion driven garbage championed by asshat Repug dolts who think bisecting a college campus would be a Good Thing to show the folks they care about national welfare. It was all just for show before the last election cycle, an expensive symbolic gesture of very simple minded solutions to a very complex situation. Most of the money allocated for the project is going to stolen anyway because the congress gave the Bushistas leeway to spend it as they wished. And basically it can't be built what with mounting local fury and some truly mind boggling logistics.

A taste for what's in store if and when they try erect this flapdoodle can be found at Columbus, NM, where a few miles of a simple five foot high car barrier mistakenly stole Mexican territory:

"It is very difficult to make a straight line between two points in rugged and mountainous areas that are about two miles apart."

Now think a distance equivalent to between D.C. and Florida, with steep ravines and craggy mountain peaks. Those people in Columbus must still be worried about Pancho Villa.


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