Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Al Qaeda" Learning Curve Sucks

When the government pulled off 9/11 they wanted us to believe we faced a powerful and implacable foe filled with hatred of anything american and capable of defeating a multi trillion dollar defensive shield. Of course a stand down order from Dick Cheney didn't hurt, but Al Qaeda, according to the damage done and all the bloviating brownshirts, was such a force to be reckoned with that we were impelled to turn our republic into an authoritarian police state.

The brownshirts will tell you there hasn't been another 9/11 because of all the draconian measures and due diligence exercised by our overseers and their minions. The real reason is we haven't gotten to the right timing for the fascists to pull off another massive false flag attack to further their agenda for full control, likely to happen just prior to war with Iran and Syria.

But we fluoridated hoi polloi don't have no lengthy attention span let alone any kind of long term memory so our masters felt the need to remind us about Osama and his death machine. From time to time they stage laughable events and play tapes for us and generally try to inject that good old 9/11 fear and outrage they fed from of like starving vultures. Rounding up some patsies that can't tie their shoes without help, setting off a bomb or two here and there and resorting to battling sippy cup terrorism is supposed to reduce us to quivering bowls of jello, fearfully begging them to save us from the Dreaded Al Qaeda menace.

But a couple of gallons of gas and some nails? Sometimes I think the spooks at Langely and M15 get bored with their invented terror plots.


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