Thursday, May 17, 2007

News You're Not Supposed To Care Much About

Just like the terrible disaster at Camp Falcon last year and the true number of dead and wounded in the fascist war on the world, realities have to be hidden from the american ignorati at all costs. Let's all play bubble boy just like the psychopath in chief. Sneak those coffins home in the dead of night, pretend that all that depleted uranium isn't killing and sickening everyone in sight, ignore how the world is going to shit while this sick perversion of human life holds sway in the world.

This disconnect is so important to the fascists because it lets them get away with their crimes. Everything has to be seen as a raging success but only partially completed. There might be some minor setbacks but motives are always pure. Meanwhile depend on the corrupt, complicit MSM to distract and amuse the sheep with celebrity and sports and to bury news stories that can't be exploited for the criminals' benefit.

A small story, to be sure, but typical in that it's totally ignored by major news outlets in the US. A northern Baghdad air base was attacked by precision mortar shelling and up to sixteen helicopters were destroyed in an unprecedented resistance assault. That's an incredible defeat for the occupiers, but it won't see much play, because added to other stories like how all green zone workers have to wear body armor and that newest reports say Iraq is about to disintegrate as a nation it paints a very dire picture of what's really going on.

But hey, let's all just pay attention to Wolfowitz's longest resignation in history/Prince Harry/new Shrek movie and just move on, there's nothing to see here.

Or be interested in how delighted Blair is to polish the knob one last time before he steps down.

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Also, some words on this dismal death of the fourth estate, "The Great Ongoing Cover-up of Everything that Really Matters ".


Anonymous expatbrian said...

This is an excellent post and reflects my feelings exactly. We are a nation of sheep, and sleepy sheep at that. Americans have become so fat and happy with their exorbitant lifestyle that they really are not willing to do anything to rock the boat and they refuse to take any of their precious time or energy to demand change. Its one thing to answer a pollster that you don't trust or support Bush or the war. Its another thing to do any damn thing about it and of course, Bushco knows that. Good posting. Keep it up. You're in my blogroll.

20/5/07 3:44 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thank you for your kind words. At some juncture a tipping point will be reached and we can begin to fix this catastrophe.

20/5/07 6:18 PM  

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