Saturday, April 28, 2007

Road Waste

It's the dirty little secret of being on a road trip - the amount of garbage that you will accumulate whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter how conscious you are about recycling and being frugal, the fact of the matter is you'll wind up tossing out more crap than if you stayed at home.

Mr's Lipstick and I tried our best to take every conceivable thing we needed for three weeks in the desert but of course there are always those little niggling needs that have to be met, and bought. Plus all the packaging from fresh food and drink. That's not even mentioning all the damn gas that's burned by pulling a small trailer for thousands of miles. I've got to admit to a dichotomy of satisfaction/guilt over the mounds of trash generated on the road. I know it sucks, but damn this is fun to do.

The best states know this and plan for it with plenty of places to dispose of it all. The worst states to travel in plan only as far as cleaning up the messes after the fact, as evidenced by garbage strewn everywhere. Colorado is where we're at right now and they do a good job. Nevada may be the finest state to travel long distance with they're good roads, fine state parks, liberal overnight permission and the trash collection. They may be the best travel state of all.

New Mexico is next, time to see how enchanted they are with their highways and byways.


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