Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm Taking A Break

Gonna try something new.

As if it mattered, Mrs Lipstick and I are going on a much needed road trip. Before war with Iran, before anticipated financial Armageddon with gas prices in the stratosphere, while american society is in meltdown, we're going on vacation. Our destination will be red rock canyon country of the southwest. We'll be hiking, camping, 4 wheeling, taking pictures and gawking for several weeks.

Here's my take about blogs. I find vanity blogs to be annoying and boring, except to the blogger her/himself who finds his/her personal life to be utterly fascinating and to mouthbreathers who haven't got lives of their own. You know, most of the MySpace action probably. Relationships and pop culture. I very rarely write about personal experiences because I don't care about other personal experiences except when they relate to broader issues that can affect us all.

With possibly no serious laptop with me and having very little time for world news on the road it ain't going to be easy to compose blog posts. But if I do I'm going to try to meld mundane personal experience into a larger significance in a William Least Heat-Moon sort of way. (yeah, sure)

Now I've got to get 1000 miles behind me.


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