Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Fat Comfortable Target Hit Yet Again

Mortar barrage again hammers Green Zone

"BAGHDAD --Mortar rounds hammered the U.S.-controlled Green Zone for a second day Wednesday, killing at least two people, wounding about 10 more and raising new fears for the safety of workers at the nerve center of the American mission in Iraq.

About a dozen shells crashed into the 3.5-square-mile area of central Baghdad about 4 p.m., sending terrified pedestrians racing for the safety of concrete bunkers.
Motorists abandoned their cars and sprinted for cover. Sirens wailed and loudspeakers warned people to seek safety

Jeez, whaddya think, are they Sunni extremists or Shiite insurgents, hmm? Maybe you'd like to call them Al Qaeda terrorists or radical malcontents or some other equally stupid term? The fact is that the Green Zone is a prime target because it's the epicenter of a vicious occupation and represents all that's filthy in the subjugation and degredation of a supposedly vanquished country. A pampered, gated bubble of hedonistic fantasy which is going to burn to the ground as fast as millions of Iraqis can get around to torching it.

Excerpt: Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone

"UNLIKE ALMOST ANYWHERE else in Baghdad, you could dine at the cafeteria in the Republican Palace for six months and never eat hummus, flatbread, or a lamb kebab. The fare was always American, often with a Southern flavor. A buffet featured grits, cornbread, and a bottomless barrel of pork: sausage for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, pork chops for dinner. There were bacon cheeseburgers, grilled cheese-and-bacon sandwiches, and bacon omelets. Hundreds of Iraqi secretaries and translators who worked for the occupation authority had to eat in the dining hall. Most of them were Muslims, and many were offended by the presence of pork. But the American contractors running the kitchen kept serving it. The cafeteria was all about meeting American needs for high-calorie, high-fat comfort food."
Cost of the War in Iraq
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