Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spin Machines Do Their Jobs - Election Supposedly Tightens

Well, it looks like the Rovian Imperative is playing out quite well. Despite widespread revulsion at prolonged train wrecks in Iraq and Afghanistan, repug sleazebags falling like dominos and a christian support base rocked by an earthquake, presto, the election supposedly turns into a nailbiter.

I think the fascist strategy was deceptively simple. Even though most people are waking up to what's happening to this country, manufactured image and perception will triumph over those nagging doubts. Put bandaids on economy, bring the price of gas down a little and play up some insignificant events as though they really mean something to the election. Have your corrupt media mouthpieces declare a tight enough contest so that when your touch screen operatives flip the votes and the right guys win, the rubes will shrug and accept the fraud as real. That was the ultimate pre referendum objective - make the important seats look like they could go either way.

An amusing bonus for the overlords is how the whole circus is turned into an edgy horse race, as the breathless anchors play up the suspence while the numbers come rolling in.

Numbers from machines like these:


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