Friday, November 03, 2006

American Prison Planet

The Bush Administration as Global Jailor

"Today, the United States presides over a burgeoning empire -- not only the "empire of bases" first described by Chalmers Johnson, but a far-flung new network of maximum security penitentiaries, detention centers, jail cells, cages, and razor wire-topped pens. From supermax-type isolation prisons in 40 of the 50 states to shadowy ghost jails at remote sites across the globe, this new network of detention facilities is quite unlike the gulags, concentration-camps, or prison nations of the past.

Even with a couple million prisoners under its control, the U.S. prison network lacks the infrastructure or manpower of the Soviet gulag or the orderly planning of the Nazi concentration-camp system. However, where it bests both, and breaks new incarceration ground, is in its planet-ranging scope, with sites scattered the world over -- from Europe to Asia, the Middle East to the Caribbean. Unlike colonial prison systems of the past, the new U.S. prison network seems to have floated almost free of surrounding colonies. Right now, it has only four major centers -- the "homeland," Afghanistan, Iraq, and a postage-stamp-sized parcel of Cuba. As such, it already hovers at the edge of its own imperial existence, bringing to mind the unprecedented possibility of a prison planet. In a remarkably few years, the Bush administration has been able to construct a global detention system, already of near epic proportions, both on the fly and on the cheap."

Add to that the vast system of domestic internment camps that KBR, a part of Halliburton, has been merrily building all year and unless you're terminally stupid you understand the purpose of all this. The fascists have been consolidating their power, being very careful to legitimize the unthinkable every step of the way while declaring our rights formerly guaranteed under the constitution to be null and void.
Of course the average, complacent american, if he or she happens to notice word of any of this will automatically assume it's for his or her own good. Only those "other" people who must be doing something wrong because the fascists say so will be locked up and as long as they do what they're told everything will be just fine.
All this is being sold as "Bush's job is to protect americans" and the gullible ignorati will buy it. But there's a slight problem with that. It's not his job. This is his job:

"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

"Protecting the people" is a lie to enable the fascists to set up their filthy police state as they scare the somnambulants into submission and acceptance. They're doing it step by gradual step punctuated by synthetic terror, a thoroughly corrupt media and phony elections, as they habituate us to endless war and suffocating authoritarianism.
And if you don't like that those bunks at the camps are waiting.

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