Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gore's "Inconvenient Truth"

It came out on DVD yesterday and I went to rent a copy. I found it interesting in a couple of ways. (Rated PG for ~mild thematic elements~ Huh?)

Conventional wisdom would have you scoffing at the idea that policy wonk Al Gore, stiff Mr. what-the-hell-is-a-soundbite could carry what is essentially an environmental lecture without boring you to death. He may be too pedantic in snippets but given an hour and a half he relaxes and warms up to the task. The production of the movie is top notch, with a stern warning about global warming interspersed with family history, videos and animation. Gore's dedication to his cause is obvious and he should be commended for that. His presentation is persistent and convincing.

Gore's been really excoriated by the reich wing for years, unfairly in my opinion. Those early swift boat-like attacks for the internet, Love Canal and environment hypocrisy were all either fabricated or blown way out of proportion. Questioning his devotion is as stupid as questioning the reality of the subject he presents in his book and movie. And global warming is viciously denied by them for years even as the evidence for it piles up by the day.

Monied interests consistently smear efforts to curb warming and try to suppress real science with the problem. Gore advocates action to control carbon emissions. The phony free market advocates should be embracing that course of action with enthusiasm because the innovation of the free market would ensure powerful breakthroughs with new technology. But monied interests don't believe in a free market, and they believe they can do whatever the hell they want without facing consequences for their actions.

As a matter of fact, Gore leaves politics out of his presentation except for mention of the 2000 presidential imbroglio and a few humorous digs at Commander Codpiece. It's a warning about warming brought about by rising CO2 levels and the disastrous effects we are now starting to experience. You gotta wonder how things would have been different if this man were President.


Blogger nina said...

he was president in 2000. i always wondered why he didn't fight it more. yeah, i also wonder how things would be different, too if truth had won out over lies and crimes. better likely, but still too many wealthy and too many poor.......

22/11/06 11:39 AM  
Blogger Lesley said...

I also watched that yesterday. To say I enjoyed it wouldn't be the right term. It was a well presented documentation of what is going on. I really don't know how some idiots can still argue that global warming doesn't exist or that it isn't a danger. Of course, they wouldn't want to admit Gore is right and there are other things besides terrorism we should be worrying about.

22/11/06 3:34 PM  
Blogger blanjo-antivirus said...

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22/11/06 8:31 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

There was one other thing that I thought of including but it's tangential to the movie.
That the earth is heating up commensurate with rising levels of CO2 is indisputable. But the shuman resonance frequency of the planet is also rising. The entire solar system is heating up. Something is happening that's affecting the entire solar system and that may also be why the planet's ambient temp is going up. It could have risen even without the increase in CO2.

22/11/06 8:49 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

It could have risen without the CO2, but I am not sure it would have at the rate that it is. I think part is somewhat natural and part is CO2.

I also tend to believe most of what Gore says for a more esoteric reason - The Bushies pretty much do not admit to global warming and when they do admit to it they say it is all a natural cycle, since they are always wrong that means Gore must be right.

23/11/06 3:51 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Startling but true - believe 180 degrees from whatever emenates from Sockpuppet's piehole.

Tet there IS something coming, or we're going to it and it's making itself felt years in advance. Some say it's that photon belt stuff, it may be tied into 2012; the Cassiopaeans call it The Wave, and it's raising the vibrational levels and perhaps the temps on all bodies in the area.

23/11/06 9:26 AM  

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