Sunday, June 10, 2012

How Bad Is It?

A prescription for disastrous collapse down the road for tens of millions.

Young adults skip health care as medical debts rise

"NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Millions of young adults are forgoing necessary care and treatment because of rising health care costs, a report said Friday.

In fact, 41% of young adults between age 19 and 29 failed to get medical care in a recent 12-month period because of cost, according to a Commonwealth Fund survey. Among uninsured adults, the number rose to 60%.

They are not filling prescriptions, skipping recommended tests or treatments, avoiding doctor visits and failing to get specialist care they need.

"This reflects the high cost of medical care right now and health pl ans that may not cover people very well," said Dr. Sara Collins, vice president for affordable health insurance at the Commonwealth Fund and chief author of the survey.

And doctors are noticing that young adults stop listening to medical advice once they hear the cost of treatment."


Blogger michael tew said...

They are probably better off without it.

11/6/12 4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's how it has been all my life. I could never afford anything that was no an absolute necessity.
btw I am 58 now

11/6/12 5:25 AM  
Anonymous Nz said...

Anon, it's been the same with me. I was born into poverty and I've been stuck below the poverty-line all my life and I have never been capable of paying for what is considered to be "normal" health care. If I hadn't also had the habit of drinking too much alcohol I'd probably be fine now without any worries.

Btw, I'm also in my 50s and the best medicine for me is cannabis. Too bad the fascist feds won't let me have it.

11/6/12 6:58 AM  

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